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About Valchiria

Valchiria is a small business based in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia known for its unique, intricate beeswax sculptures mounted on beeswax blend candles.

With subject matter ranging from trees, seasons, flowers, and bumble bees to fairy tales, family life, and nativity scenes, Melbourne artist Emily Kate creates artworks celebrating all that is wholesome in life.  Her richly-coloured beeswax blend relief sculptures are mounted on candles (her chosen “canvas”) with the hope that one day they will come to life with candle light. This is ephemeral art.

Emily Kate invented many of the techniques used to get the fine detail you can see here. Each individual artwork is made lovingly by hand – no mounds, no tools, no templates, no two alike in the world. These artworks make beautiful custom-made gifts, especially for those who need a little encouragement or light shined into their life.

Want to see more?

While we’re getting our website set up, you can follow our little adventures on Instagram @emilykatevalchiria and Facebook.

Still curious?

If you want to learn more about our artworks you are always welcome to contact us via our Facebook, Instagram, and email with all your questions. We are happy to answer your enquiries while our lengthy FAQ page is under construction!

Are you searching for a special gift? Or the perfect Christening candle?

If you’d like to commission a unique candle to mark the little and the special moments in your life, email artist Emily Kate at emilykate@valchiria.com.au 

Are you in Melbourne?

To be first to find out which upcoming arts and craft markets Valchiria will be taking part in, please keep an eye on our social media pages  for the latest news. We hope to meet you soon!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who said hello to us at the Christmas Bazaar at the Finnish Society of Melbourne on Saturday 24 November 2018. We hope your candles are bringing light to their new homes. A very special thank you also to Tarja, wonderful Finnish teacher and interpreter, for her companionship and support on the day.

Thank you to Liz and our friends at Vintage Stamp Art who kindly shared a stall with us on Saturday 12 January 2019 at the Heide Makers Market and the market organisers for allowing this collaboration. The market is a wonderful day out showcasing many talented Melbourne artists and designers on the grounds of the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

A selection of Valchiria art works including “Gratitude Fairy”, “Flower Meadow”, “Tree of Life”, and “Avocado”.
Beewax releif sculpture of an avocado half in a bowl at the end of a rainbow.
Valchiria artwork: “Rainbow’s End”, inspired by Melbourne cafe culture.
Valchiria limited edition ephemoral art designs "Elephant Joy" and "Column of Hearts". Beeswax blend relief sculpture mounted on pillar candles.
Valchiria artworks: “Elephant Joy” and “Column of Hearts” limited edition designs.